Greenmind is one of the best Bangladeshi advertising agencies which was founded in 2020 because of its capability of early adaptation and creativity. It has been successful in the field of Advertising Agency. Greenmind is excellent in Video conference, content creation, Audio-visual (TVC, OVC, Documentary) brand planning, Graphics designing, performance analytics and many more. It’s a sister concern of Eventcomm Bangladesh.

Over recent decades, Video conferences have become an integral part of people’s lives. Communication is getting easier through video conferences. Especially during Covid-19 pandemic, Greenmind played an important role for communication through Video conferences. At that time, communicating with the public was important to the government. The video conferencing system made things easier and gave good results. Through our vast network we coordinated and organized video conferencing several times in multiple cities at a time. 

Greenmind is the leading video Conferencing service provider in Bangladesh, has practical experience and expertise in this industry. Greenmind has successfully completed 100+ Honourable Prime Minister’s Video Conference Event. “Ashrayan Project-2”, “Public administration award”,  “Model mosque inauguration Phase 1”, “DC Conference” are some of our Notable Video Conferencing projects, where multiple venues were connected at a time. Firstly, Video conferences need High Quality Audio video equipment. Through our Vast network we can coordinate and organize video conferencing events in almost every city in Bangladesh. We have the Latest Camera set up such as Sony PXW-FS5, SONY PXW-Z190, PANASONIC AJ-PX380 P2 HD and many more. This camera can produce High Quality video output. For a meaningful video conference, we need multiple camera and online editing support. For online editing we choose the fastest editing console which supports at least 8 to 12 channels.

In the subsequent stage, each video conferencing event requires LED displays and sound systems for the event audience. LED displays have risen in popularity over the years, regardless of whether the venue is indoor or outdoor. Greenmind is offering the High-Quality & Clear LED Displays. Sound is another important department for Video conferences. Greenmind ensures the best quality sound bars, microphones, audio monitors and other audio equipment for a smooth and perfect audio output. Also, the venue and stage lighting is served by Greenmind.

In conclusion, Successful video conferencing is well known to be a team effort. In this matter, Greenmind has a bunch of Creative Crew. Who has huge practical, technical and theoretical knowledge. The team is always ready to make an instant creative decision. Greenmind is always updated with new technology, equipment and networking.  For an innovative and seamless service, Greenmind is often said to be the best video conferencing service provider in Bangladesh.

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